Monday, October 11, 2010


  • (Concept) Mechanical time
"Time, rigid and metallic as a massive pendulum of iron that swings back and forth." (p.23).              
     This quote shows the archetype of time as a mechanical and unstoppable force.

  • (Concept) Age
"At length, the populace have become thin like the air, bony, old before their time." (p.32).
     This shows the archetype of old age as being "thin and bony".

  • (Character) Addicted scientist
"'I'm making progress,' says Einstein. 'I can tell,' says Besso. Studying with alarm the dark circles under his friend's eyes. It is also possible that Einstein has stopped eating again." (p.98).
     Einstein, addicted to working on his theory of time hasn't slept, eaten, or left the house in a long time. This reflects the archetype of the "mad" or addicted scientist who can't pull himself from his work.

  •  (Character) Empty Nester
"The mother of the man spots him sitting with the woman. She wrings her hands and whines, for she wants her son at home. She sees him as a child." (p.124-125).
     The mother watching her son have dinner with his girlfriend shows the archetype of the lonely parent who wishes their child were back home.

  • (Character) Child trying to block out fighting parents
"The sounds of her parents' fighting drift up to her room. She covers her ears and stares at a photograph on her table." (p.135)
     This shows the archetype of the "abused" child trying to block out the violence.