Monday, October 11, 2010


  • "A young boy sitting in an empty auditorium, his heart racing as if he were on stage." (p.76)

  • "Matterhorn, the jagged peak of white pushing into the solid blue sky, the green valley and the log cabins." (p.76)

  • "A boat on the water at night, it's lights dim in the distance, like a small red star in the black sky." (p.76)

  • " A child on a bicycle in the Kleine Schanze, smiling the smile if a lifetime." (p.77)

  • "Sails billowed like the wings of a giant white bird." (p.77)

  • "The blue shadows of trees in a full moon." (p.78)

  • "Red hair of a lover, wild, mischievous, promising." (p.79)

  • "The mountain tops all over the world are nestled with (such) houses, which from a distance look like a flock of fat birds squatting on long skinny legs." (p.29)

  • "A leaf on the ground in Autumn, red and gold and brown, delicate." (p.76)

  • "Dust on a windowsill." (p.76)

  • "In this world in which a human life spans but a single day, people heed time like cats straining to hear sounds in the attic." (p.109)

  • "A life is one snowfall." (p.110)

  • "Snow clings to the spruce beside the building." (p.135)

  • "A oval window, looking out on fields of hay." (p.77)

  • "A life is the delicate, rapid edge of a closing door's shadow." (p.110)