Monday, October 11, 2010

Universal Experiance

  • "A child at the seashore, spellbound by her first glimpse of the ocean" (p.75). I believe anyone who has visited the ocean can relate to this. It is an over-powering feeling seeing something so massive and uniform.

  • "At some time in the past, scientists discovered that time flows more slowly the farther from the center of the earth. This effect is minuscule, but it can be measured with extremely sensitive instruments. Once the phenomenon was known, a few people, anxious to stay young, moved to the mountains" (p.28-29). This shows how people are obsessed with youth and connects with people in the way that, no one likes to grow older.

  • "A man sits alone at his table, laid out for two. Ten years ago, he sat here across from his father, was unable to say that he loved him, and searched through the years of his childhood for some moment of closeness" (p.64). This simply shows that everyone has a desire/need to feel loved and accepted.

  • "Some people fear traveling far from a comfortable moment" (p.134). This shows the universal connection that people don't like change and what to stick with what is familiar.

  • "The woman catches her breath. She is fifty years old. She lies on her bed, tries to remember her life, stares at a photograph of herself as a child" (p.137). Everyone holds onto memories and reflects on their lives.